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This is another 'Notes' post that's basically taking inventory of possible weapons for my characters. Because papers take up space and they can get lost and I need to be able to look back at this stuff and reminisce.

One of the cool things about writing your OC's into the Supernatural universe is getting creative with the weapons. As long as you know the basics of what can and can't kill monsters then the combinations are endless.
Salt rounds in a shot gun? Done. Wanna swing around a fucking meteor hammer? Get a silver chain and some iron to tie to the ends and go wild. Fill a water gun with holy water? Swag money for days.
There's literally nothing funnier than a big ass, burly hunter guy walking around with a neon orange water gun strapped to his back.
Anyway, the guns came first. I did a minimal amount of research. I don't really need an indepth knowledge of these guns (you load, you point, you shoot, and leave the rest up to the imagination). I don't need to know how to field strip an assault rifle even though my characters do. There is, however, a lot that I do need to know and so I'm putting it here.
I don't know why I felt the need to introduce this particular post. I didn't really do it with the last one.... Maybe because I'm not putting up links. I just pick and chose which guns I wanted to use from the Army of Two wikipedia page and you can get to that just fine on your own. I'll be adding more information to the list as I need to. So, if you're interested, keep checking back.

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Primary Weapons:
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Secondary Weapons:
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Specialty Weapons:
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Acoustic Weapons:
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Literally anything

If you can avoid it, avoid it. If you can't, you should still avoid it.
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So, my fanfiction has a lot of elements in it that are inspired by Supernatural and that includes the symbols and sigils used on the show. I used a few of them in the first chapter, and I just wanted to keep the information about them in one place. Papers get lost and I want to be able to come back to this later.

Basicaly this is what I used as a guide. I didn't use the triquetra symbol in the back (i'm 99.9% sure that thats what that symbol is), because I wanted to find a concealment rune. I thought it made more sense to use a mixture of protection and concealment since Payton was trying to stay hidden in the motel. The triquertra is a unity symbol. Maybe the triangle with the circled points adds the protection (the three points are supposed to symbolize the Holy Trinity) but I didn't use it. Circles tend to symbolise infinity or something unbroken. When you put something in a circle you protect it. (disclaimer I have no idea if that's true, but it's something I've noticed with some research I did on Native American symbols for Payton's tattoo that I'll post)
Fun Fact
: The diamonds in the corner of the door with the 'x' through it is a Norse Runeletter Gar. It's associated with Odin's spear which never missed it's mark and always returned to Odin's hand. The safe in the picture held Samule Colt's gun, so I found it interesting that those markings were there.
Helpful Links: I'm probably going to leach a lot of information from [ profile] spn_symbols in the future so here's a link to them (its where I got that bit about the Gar rune). Idk if they're still updating but... was also lot of help. It's a good resource and a good place to start your research if you're looking for a specific symbol.

The Eye of Horus

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The Star of David/The Seal of Solomon

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Wolfstar The Druid - Rune Readings online & face-to-face in Victoria, Australia

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So much for livejournal, huh?
I might give this another try. Maybe use this account to talk about my original characters? I don't know. I got the app so it might make keeping this journal easier.
I use tumblr primarily but I like the writing community here in LJ....
We'll see what happens. I can edit text on my phone with LJ. I do like that...
Anyway, I finished the first chapter of a Twilight fanfiction that I've been working on! 10k+ words and I finally finished the first chapter lol
Backstory: I created a groups of original characters that I really liked but I didn't have a story for them, so to write them I show horned them into the twilight universe and this fanfiction is the result. They're hunters and their lore and methods are inspired dualy by teen wolf and supernatural. I really enjoy writing it but I get really embarrassed talking about it.... I called it Still a Better Love Story because I think I'm clever.
Anyway, I finished the first chapter and running it through the editing process. I'll post it to when it's done so... Yeah
Maybe I can use this account to talk about it. Instead of tumblr.... ??
Here's hoping I can keep it up!
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So, I guess I'll just babble a bit while I figure out what to do on here.

I'm not quite sure what to do with this site. I'm still putting together my profile and my journal layout and looking around the communities. I'm in the middle of NaNoWriMo right now and I hit a bit of writer's block. There's a motel and a retired police dog and some weed hidden in the decorative plants in the motel and I just have no idea what it all looks like...

So, I took a break and I wrote a Penryn and the End of Days fic and made this thing.
I've been very productive obviously...

I think I may have a problem. I like to make accounts on blogging platforms when I'm stressed. The designing process relaxes me, but then afterwards I'm stuck with a blogging account that idk what to do with. This website seems very clean though (it's very white...), I like the feel of it. I'm more active on tumblr though (mostly for the stress relief... mindless scrolling helps me forget about whatever's freaking me out), but I've been linked to a lot of really good fics written by authors on here so this might be a cool thing to do.

This'll probably end up being a fic journal if anything. Once I figure out how this site works. It's so much different than tumblr...


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