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So, my fanfiction has a lot of elements in it that are inspired by Supernatural and that includes the symbols and sigils used on the show. I used a few of them in the first chapter, and I just wanted to keep the information about them in one place. Papers get lost and I want to be able to come back to this later.

Basicaly this is what I used as a guide. I didn't use the triquetra symbol in the back (i'm 99.9% sure that thats what that symbol is), because I wanted to find a concealment rune. I thought it made more sense to use a mixture of protection and concealment since Payton was trying to stay hidden in the motel. The triquertra is a unity symbol. Maybe the triangle with the circled points adds the protection (the three points are supposed to symbolize the Holy Trinity) but I didn't use it. Circles tend to symbolise infinity or something unbroken. When you put something in a circle you protect it. (disclaimer I have no idea if that's true, but it's something I've noticed with some research I did on Native American symbols for Payton's tattoo that I'll post)
Fun Fact
: The diamonds in the corner of the door with the 'x' through it is a Norse Runeletter Gar. It's associated with Odin's spear which never missed it's mark and always returned to Odin's hand. The safe in the picture held Samule Colt's gun, so I found it interesting that those markings were there.
Helpful Links: I'm probably going to leach a lot of information from [ profile] spn_symbols in the future so here's a link to them (its where I got that bit about the Gar rune). Idk if they're still updating but... was also lot of help. It's a good resource and a good place to start your research if you're looking for a specific symbol.

The Eye of Horus

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The Star of David/The Seal of Solomon

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Wolfstar The Druid - Rune Readings online & face-to-face in Victoria, Australia

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