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So much for livejournal, huh?
I might give this another try. Maybe use this account to talk about my original characters? I don't know. I got the app so it might make keeping this journal easier.
I use tumblr primarily but I like the writing community here in LJ....
We'll see what happens. I can edit text on my phone with LJ. I do like that...
Anyway, I finished the first chapter of a Twilight fanfiction that I've been working on! 10k+ words and I finally finished the first chapter lol
Backstory: I created a groups of original characters that I really liked but I didn't have a story for them, so to write them I show horned them into the twilight universe and this fanfiction is the result. They're hunters and their lore and methods are inspired dualy by teen wolf and supernatural. I really enjoy writing it but I get really embarrassed talking about it.... I called it Still a Better Love Story because I think I'm clever.
Anyway, I finished the first chapter and running it through the editing process. I'll post it to when it's done so... Yeah
Maybe I can use this account to talk about it. Instead of tumblr.... ??
Here's hoping I can keep it up!
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