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So, I guess I'll just babble a bit while I figure out what to do on here.

I'm not quite sure what to do with this site. I'm still putting together my profile and my journal layout and looking around the communities. I'm in the middle of NaNoWriMo right now and I hit a bit of writer's block. There's a motel and a retired police dog and some weed hidden in the decorative plants in the motel and I just have no idea what it all looks like...

So, I took a break and I wrote a Penryn and the End of Days fic and made this thing.
I've been very productive obviously...

I think I may have a problem. I like to make accounts on blogging platforms when I'm stressed. The designing process relaxes me, but then afterwards I'm stuck with a blogging account that idk what to do with. This website seems very clean though (it's very white...), I like the feel of it. I'm more active on tumblr though (mostly for the stress relief... mindless scrolling helps me forget about whatever's freaking me out), but I've been linked to a lot of really good fics written by authors on here so this might be a cool thing to do.

This'll probably end up being a fic journal if anything. Once I figure out how this site works. It's so much different than tumblr...
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