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This is another 'Notes' post that's basically taking inventory of possible weapons for my characters. Because papers take up space and they can get lost and I need to be able to look back at this stuff and reminisce.

One of the cool things about writing your OC's into the Supernatural universe is getting creative with the weapons. As long as you know the basics of what can and can't kill monsters then the combinations are endless.
Salt rounds in a shot gun? Done. Wanna swing around a fucking meteor hammer? Get a silver chain and some iron to tie to the ends and go wild. Fill a water gun with holy water? Swag money for days.
There's literally nothing funnier than a big ass, burly hunter guy walking around with a neon orange water gun strapped to his back.
Anyway, the guns came first. I did a minimal amount of research. I don't really need an indepth knowledge of these guns (you load, you point, you shoot, and leave the rest up to the imagination). I don't need to know how to field strip an assault rifle even though my characters do. There is, however, a lot that I do need to know and so I'm putting it here.
I don't know why I felt the need to introduce this particular post. I didn't really do it with the last one.... Maybe because I'm not putting up links. I just pick and chose which guns I wanted to use from the Army of Two wikipedia page and you can get to that just fine on your own. I'll be adding more information to the list as I need to. So, if you're interested, keep checking back.


  • silver -werewolf, shapeshifter, skinwalker, etc.

  • iron -ghosts, Fae

  • holy water/oil -demons/angels

  • salt -ghosts, Fae

  • guns -salt/iron rounds, silver bullets

  • knives -silver/iron blades, renforced blades (varied)

  • deadman's blood* -vampires; in arrow heads and bullets

  • fire -ghosts, Fae, etc.

Primary Weapons:

  • machine guns

  • assult rifles

  • shot guns -primarily used to hunt ghosts, salt/iron rounds

>>Benelli M3 Super 90 ~12-gauge shells, pump action shell ejection, ammo capacity - 8
>>Double Barreled Shot gun ~break open breach-loading internal hammer, fires both barrels at once
>>Franchi SPAS - 12 ~ammo capacity - 10
>>HM shot gun ~semi-automatic, 3 or 5 shell magazine/drum, 8 shell extended mag, AA-12 20 shell drum
>>Remington 870 ~12-gauge pump action, 5 or 8 shell tubular mag, civilian hunting weapon

  • grenade launchers

Secondary Weapons:

  • pistols

>>Beretta M9 ~black Bruniton finish, polymer grips, ammo capacity - 8
>>Desert Eagle (Deagle)** ~large frame gas operated semi-autonmatic, ammo capacity - 8
>>G18c (Glock)** ~semi-automatic, ammo capacity - 24

  • submachine guns

Specialty Weapons:

  • sniper rifles

  • rocket launchers

Acoustic Weapons:

  • crossbow -specialized arrows/varied

  • katana * -dual wielding optiona, reinforced blade

  • machete -reinforced blade, handle charms*

  • knives -silver/iron/reinforced blade, throwing/butterfly/pocket/swiss

  • tomahawks

  • poison darts -specialized darts/varied

  • silver knuckles

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